ITCB - 9-10-11 Octombrie 2015

In a story book you often find pages with colorful drawings. And also, most of the stories take place in a palace.This year, we will live our story together with you, in a tremendous palace and full of elegance, a special place with special people. We are pleased to invite you to the sixth edition of the International Tattoo Convention, which will be held at the Palace Bragadiru, between 09 -10 - 11 October 2015. Therefore, a new year full of stories and surprises, a new splash of color in the center of Bucharest!


The Architectural Complex Bragadiru Palace is located in the center of Bucharest, near the Parliament Palace, at a short walk from Queen Mary Square and Marriott Hotel and 5 minutes from Union Square.


Talented tattoo artists, local and international will guide us through the world of colors, using their very skillfull hands, their professional tattoo machines and not least their vast experience, mixing art with relaxation. We will discover together different styles and techniques of tattooing, and we’ll find out life stories!


Because through color we can tell personal stories, we can express thoughts, feelings and emotions. So, you will have the opportunity to get back home with a creation made by these wonderful artists.Bucharest International Tattoo Convention is a big event that brings talent, color, smile and joy, express your personality and originality.


There will be contests tattoos, live performance, you can buy tattoos and body-piercing items, clothing and accessories, and you will have many other surprises.The music and the sound of tattoo machines will be in the center of our story, and you and the tattoo artists will be the protagonists of this show, binding the whole story, from beginning to the end, in the beautiful Palace Bragadiru! Come and party with us in October 2015! The artists registration is now available for Bucharest International Tattoo Convention 2015! To download the registration form, just click here. Please find details of the event posted on the website and also on our facebook page.


Many thanks to all our friends and those who support us , and we look forward to seeing you all again to the 6th International Tattoo Convention!

The first day of the Intrenational Tattoo Convention 2015

Posted by International Tattoo Convention Bucharest on Friday, October 9, 2015