Membrii In Consiliul European Al Asociatiilor din Europa!

Today we have great news for you.
A few months ago, ambitious and dedicated people founded the Council of European Tattoo Associations. The aim of the association is to represent the interests of our industry on a European level and, in particular, stand united against the EU. Those of us from Save the Pigments, @the3pylons and @tattoosbyerich, are also co-founders of this council, along with @inksecte, @yuri.basso and @gordon_lickefett. More information about the Council will be announced soon directly by the Council itself.
Today we want to inform you that we, Save the Pigments, have created an Open Letter for all European Tattoo Associations to send to their respective MEPs in the European Parliament. The Open Letter summarizes our arguments in a more detailed manner than it was possible at the hearing and we presented ourselves to the European Commission and all MEPs as a dialogue partner.
We would like to express our gratitude to all tattoo associations in the following countries.The cooperation is incredibly effective and valuable. The following countries are already represented in the Council. If your country is missing in the list, please feel free to send us contact information of the Tattoo Association in your country by sending an email to
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania,Norway, Romania, Sweden, Swiss, Spain